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Deals in 2001


Sector Financial Software
Funded by Venture Capital

Software company Tamesis attracts first round funding of £2.35 million. Tamesis design, develop and sell financial software to global investment banks. The software functions in real time and solves the problems that legacy systems were never designed to cope with: e-commerce, globalisation and continuous 24-hour trading.

The investment banking market is predicted to grow to $11billion by 2003 and Tamesis is well positioned as a result of its strong initial performance, to secure a significant share of this. Existing customers using Tamesis software already include banking giants Merril Lynch and a major European investment bank.

The investment of £2.35 million secured by ICON will allow the company to fuel their further expansion into Europe and the US.

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“ICON got the corporate finance tactics spot on. Their support throughout was invaluable.”

Martin Lowson
CEO and Founder, ATS

Sector Expertise

"ICON were outstanding. Without their dedication and market knowledge, this deal would not have happened".

Mark Crosier, CEO Deepstream Technologies.


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