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Deals in 2005


Sold to NMR Plc
Sector RFID

Smartronics Ltd

ICON advised the shareholder of Smartronics on the sale of the company to NMR Plc.

Smartronics has developed a business critical service that combines the latest RFID and hand held reader technology with the power of the internet. The company uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to collect data on commercial tyres that allows bus and transport operators to monitor wear and tear on their fleets.

Smartronics has worked with the world's leading tyre OEMs for over five years to establish a benchmark system for the industry.

Smartronics Ltd
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“ICON got the corporate finance tactics spot on. Their support throughout was invaluable.”

Martin Lowson
CEO and Founder, ATS

Sector Expertise

"ICON were outstanding. Without their dedication and market knowledge, this deal would not have happened".

Mark Crosier, CEO Deepstream Technologies.


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