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Deals in 2001

Primal Pictures

Sector Software
Funded by Venture Capital

ICON secure £1m first round funding for pioneering software company Primal Pictures. Primal design advanced software for the healthcare sector and has developed an interactive package for "electronic dissection" of the human body.

The company’s core technology and expertise is 3D computer modelling techniques; allied to advanced medical imaging sources such as MRI. Primal create high-resolution CAD-CAM models of the human anatomy and 3D animations of the body in motion, the software is available either on CD or on-line over the internet.

With this funding, the company is now ideally positioned to take advantage of the rapidly expanding electronic healthcare market.

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“ICON got the corporate finance tactics spot on. Their support throughout was invaluable.”

Martin Lowson
CEO and Founder, ATS

Sector Expertise

"ICON were outstanding. Without their dedication and market knowledge, this deal would not have happened".

Mark Crosier, CEO Deepstream Technologies.


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