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Deals in 2001

Hawk-Eye Technology

Sector Object Tracking Technology
Funded by The ICON Technology Channel

Hawk-Eye Technology

Pioneering technology company Hawk-Eye receives £500k seed funding from the ICON Technology Channel, the technology known as DatAcq represents a major advance in collecting positional information.

The information is gathered quickly enough to automatically point broadcast cameras at sports stars giving close up action shots which have hitherto been impossible to achieve, even by the world’s best cameramen. This data also allows performance information to be shown instantly or used in training programmes or computer games providing movements that can “replicate” a game in graphic format. Hawk-Eye DatAcq has attracted significant interest from leading broadcast and TV networks as well as other commercial applications.

The funding secured by ICON will be used to invest in infrastructure and to finance the delivery of pre-production prototypes to its first distributer in the UK and USA.

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“ICON got the corporate finance tactics spot on. Their support throughout was invaluable.”

Martin Lowson
CEO and Founder, ATS

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"ICON were outstanding. Without their dedication and market knowledge, this deal would not have happened".

Mark Crosier, CEO Deepstream Technologies.


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